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Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Most of the time, you can't see my mindfulness practice. It's all going on inside my head and inside my body. 

Whenever I have a calm moment or two - I am following my breath in and out.

When I get stressed, I am bringing my attention to my chest to steady my breathing. Sometimes I even place my hand over my heart to soothe my discomfort with self-compassion.

Being present in your body and in the moment, doesn't happen just because you want it to. Intentions are essential, but they're not enough. You must learn how to breathe mindfully. You must learn how to shift your attention from your thoughts or external stimulus on to your breath.

This is simple stuff. But it's not easy.

I teach mindfulness, because I NEED mindfulness. I love being mindful, because it has allowed me over and over again throughout my life to recover from challenges, to see opportunities, to understand reality, and to know how to move forward. This is why I teach it and this is why I coach from a place of mindfulness. For me, mindfulness = resilience.

Come learn this essential life skill with me. You will not be disappointed or find it to be a waste of your time. Below is what one of my students shared about his experience with the course last year. His story is inspiring. 

"Thank you for coming into my life at a difficult time, and bringing some positive change when I needed it most. At first I thought the course would be another useless, time consuming, waste of time. Instead, it became a real blessing for me in my new journey of life. I'm so grateful I was able to participate in your class before I aged any further. I got new perspectives on how to handle the challenges of my life, and compassion for myself and others. I learned I want more! I enjoyed the formal practices with others and the ease in which the content is presented. I like Marnee's style, she reinforces the fact that she too is human with imperfections. Mindfulness is a remarkable practice and should be a way of life - which it will be for me, from now on." - Clyde, past participant

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