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I'm Marnee Weber
Writer, coach, teacher, consultant.

Founder of Metta Lane Mindfulness Academy


I'm here to help you find the inner wisdom, trust, and motivation you need to stop being derailed by the stress, fear, and doubt that limit your well-being and potential.

If you are seeking:
New perspectives and skills to decrease stress and increase life satisfaction.


Direction, motivation, and accountability to accomplish important goals.

Change in your career or growth in your management style.

For over 20 years, I've helped my clients create emotional wellness and transform their lives into authentic, wholehearted experiences.

They've learned how to manage ADHD, bullying, burnout, caregiver fatigue, perfectionism, stress, relationship conflicts, shame, and performance anxiety.


They've learned how to live mindfully, compassionately, and courageously through job stress, life transitions, caregiving, grief, and parenting.


They've created alignment in their work and balance in their personal lives while achieving courageous goals in their businesses.


They've made bold cultural change initiatives in their companies and found better ways to lead, influence, and perform.

My clients say:

"Her calm and kind manner puts you instantly at ease."

"I've learned techniques I can apply every day."

“She has an uncanny capacity to find the right language to translate crisis into wellness and personal growth."

If you're ready to align who you are with what you think, say, and do - mindfully... compassionately... courageously...

Let's get started!

How can I guide you today?

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