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Be Authentically You!

Coaching Packages

If you're ready...

to jump in and do the work to be authentically you,

to let go of thinking you're not good enough,

to stop doubting and criticizing yourself, and

to align what you think, feel, say and do...

Then, join me, and watch your dreams come true.

2 paths to choose from:

Be True & Bloom

Be True & Bloom

A Customized, Goal-Oriented Coaching Experience.

What is the quality of your inner well-being? What are your talents and strengths? What is a change or achievement you would like to see in the next 3-6 months? What has been holding you back or getting in the way of realizing your goals?

This is the place we start when we kick-off a coaching relationship. With a focused determination and a compassionate, understanding spirit, I guide you to discover the truth of these questions. Sometimes the truth is sitting right at the surface. Sometimes it takes digging through layers to reveal. Sometimes it is just waiting for the right question or insight to inspire it to speak. 

If you love the idea of being true to yourself, aligning who you are with what you say and do, and experiencing yourself fully manifested in your most meaningful and authentic form - this coaching program is what you've been seeking. Let's get started. 

What it Includes:

5 Steps to Be True and Bloom

  • Step 1: Make The Commitment Coaching Agreement

  • Step 2: Mindset Reset Questionnaire

  • Step 3: Authentic Vision Goal-Setting Sessions

  • Step 4: Values in Action Coaching Sessions

  • Step 5: Inner Transformation Coaching Sessions (based on the payment plan you choose)

Along the Way

  • Sessions held via Zoom video conference or phone

  • Evidence-based Skill-Building Exercises

  • Mindset Refresh Progress Surveys

  • Check-in by email or text as often as you need

Evolve Wholehearted

Evolve Wholehearted

A Personalized, Combined Coaching and Training Experience.

A deep dive into the life-changing curricula of The Daring Way and Mindful Self-Compassion programs, coupled with the personalized, guidance of coaching conversations.


This 5-month Intensive combines the best of both worlds - moving your goals forward with coaching while being privately trained on the essential lessons of the Mindful Self-Compassion program and the full curriculum of your choice of The Daring Way methodologies.


This program has the capacity to revolutionize your way of being. When you're ready to let go of what has been getting in the way, it's time to sign-up, dig deep, and evolve.

What it Includes:

Steps to Evolve Wholehearted

  • Step 1: Make The Commitment Agreement 

  • Step 2: Mindset Reset Questionnaire

  • Step 3: Authentic Vision Goal-Setting Sessions

  • Step 4: Essentials of Mindful Self-Compassion Sessions

  • Step 5: Daring Greatly™ Sessions

Along the Way

  • Sessions held via Zoom video conference

  • Check-In by text or email as often as you need

  • Mindset Reset Quarterly Progress Surveys

  • Daring Greatly™ Workbook

  • Compassion and Mindfulness Meditations & Exercises

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Coaching Consultation
A Customized, Goal-Oriented Experience:
  • Reset your Mindset Kick-off Questionnaire

  • Write your Authentic Vision goal-setting sessions

  • Clarify your Values sessions

  • Weekly accountability and motivation coaching sessions

  • Skill- and Insight-Building Exercises from the Metta Lane course and guiding teacher library

  • Refresh your Mindset Questionnaire

  • Unlimited motivational/check-in emails

  • Invitation to join the Live True & Bloom month-to-month program

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