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Be authentically you!

Tap into the magical power of compassion and liberate yourself from suffering with The Kind Shift Coaching.

Find the inner truth, trust, and motivation you need to stop being derailed by the stress and fear that limit your potential, opportunities, and well-being.

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You are purposeful, smart and driven - yearning for an intentional career and a wholehearted life.


You're done playing small and feeling unfulfilled.

You're ready to align who you are with what you do.

"Happiness is when what you think, say, and do are in harmony."  - Mahatma Gandhi

​You get it. You know what you want. You believe in your potential, and you have a clear vision and intentions for how you are going to achieve it.


But your intentions are derailed by a sense of being stuck; you're being held back by limitations that you aren't sure how to change. It's super frustrating.

When you work with me one-on-one, customized to your goals and needs, you'll uncover the inner wisdom, self-trust, and compassionate motivation that is innate within you.

  • By discovering new perspectives that will transform your mindset,

  • By learning new skills that will become life-long practices, and

  • By aligning what you think, feel, say, and do...


You'll get all the motivation you need to move forward.

You'll find yourself able to create an authentic, compassionate, and mindful way of being that will allow you to achieve your career potential and vision while living a meaningful life with joy and ease.

If you're seeking:
a meaningful career and job that allows you to be authentic, doing what you love, and be valued for it,
than this coaching program is for you!

Make a Kind Shift in Your Life

If you're ready...

to jump in and do the work to be authentically you,

to let go of thinking you're not good enough,

to stop doubting and criticizing yourself,

to align what you think, feel, say and do, and

do it compassionately and mindfully...

Then, join me, and watch your vision come true.

Schedule a free consultation.

Free Consultation about Coaching
30 min

"Marnee says, 'She meets each student where they are in their journey.' When I started meeting with her, the place I was in my journey, was stuck. I needed transformative change in all aspects of my life - professional, personal, and interpersonal. It was a tall order and Marnee was up for the task. She gave me tools to use for the rest of my life that will help me avoid becoming stuck in the future. She teaches and encourages her clients to be true to themselves, to live their values, and to practice mindfulness. She is a great coach because while she teaches and encourages these things, she also lives them. Sincerity is laced throughout her character and proven by amazing results."

- Christina - Client, Private Coaching/MBSR Course/The Daring Way Private Training |  testimonials >>>

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