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Metta Lane


Founded on the belief in human potential for success and well-being.

Welcome. I'm Marnee Weber, 

Founder of Metta Lane. 


I passionately believe in the human potential for success and well-being - and have a relentless, soulful imperative to contribute to the human race by helping others fulfill their potential and become resilient to the challenges along the way.​

Before working with Marnee, I felt stuck in a place of mediocrity. Never having worked with a coach before I did not know what to expect. Since working together, my perspective has completely shifted. I would highly recommend Marnee as a coach for business executives, working moms, or anyone else feeling like they cannot achieve success and balance.

- Kendra | testimonials >

We all struggle in some way. It's part of the human condition. Stress, worry, pain, and fear - these natural results of being human and our modern way of living get in our way. As a result, our beliefs, mindset, opportunities, motivation, and well-being become limited and dis-eased.

My clients believe in their own potential and have clear visions for how they are going to achieve it. But they are stuck. Held back by limitations they don't know how to change. When they find me, they are looking for a teacher to help them uncover the inner wisdom, self-trust, and motivation that is innate within them and stop being debilitated by the stress and fear that hold them back.


Along the way they discover that there is "more right with them than wrong with them", as one of my guiding teachers, Jon Kabbat-Zinn shares in his teachings.


Through discovering new perspectives that transform their mindset, by learning new skills that become life-long practices, and by aligning what they feel, think, say, and do - they find themselves able to create an authentic, compassionate and mindful way of being that simultaneously allows them to achieve their potential and vision while living a meaningful life with joy and ease.


This is what I call Metta Lane​. A way of being that gives you peace of mind.

Shame Resilience, Emotional Intelligence

Wholehearted Living

Mindfulness & Self-Compassion

These are tools for everybody. 

Personal or Professional. Individual or Teams. 

I've helped people face challenges in many different circumstances, such as:

Prioritization | Focus | Anxiety |  Chronic Stress | Self-Criticism | Insecurity | Perfectionism | Shame | Dissatisfaction  | Work-Life Balance Relationship Conflicts | Parenting Expectations | Bullying | Caregiver/Empathy Fatigue and Decision-Making | Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder  | Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder | Depression | Grief  | Headaches | Hypertension | Insomnia | Chronic Pain |Chronic Illness 

Productivity | Time Management | Delegation | Goal Setting and Achievement | Performance Expectations | Leadership Expectations | Lack of Trust Communication Breakdown | Talent Development | New Skill Development | Career Changes | Cultural Change | Succession Planning | 
Employee Engagement | Fear- and Shame-based Management Styles | Ineffective Systems and Strategies | Vision, Mission, and Values Alignment Business Planning | Corporate Communications | Public Relations

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Coaching. Facilitating. Training. 

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