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Heidi Gross, Directress at Rainbow Montessori School - Sponsor, Mindfulness for Children Classes

"Meditation is for people of all ages. My name is Heidi Gross, and I teach 3-year-old, 4-year-old and 5-year old children. Mrs. Marnee Weber came into my classroom and provided lessons on meditation to my students.

Our first exposure was that of a mind jar. Our second exposure was breathing meditation, with a ball that simulates breathing. Before each demonstration Marnee read an age appropriate book about meditation.

Each of my students has benefitted from the meditation lessons provided by Marnee. Throughout the day, I have seen my students go to the mind jar, and the breathing ball to meditate. Each child took control of his or her person to calm down, slow down, and to have personal space through meditation.

I have