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What's important to you right now? Your work? Your relationships? Your health? Your peace of mind?

Do you want things to be different, but feel stuck or uncertain about how to move forward?

Would it help to have a confidant in your corner? Someone who can help you to see your blind spots, opportunities and strengths? 

This is what I do when I coach:I help you clarify what you want.I inspire you to see and do what is needed.As a result, you feel empowered and motivated to act.Then, if you don't accomplish what you’d hoped (we’ve all been there!), together we figure out what is standing in your way and how to proceed so you can reach your objective. I coach with the intention for you to feel authentic and aligned.

I coach mindfully with attention on the present moment, helping you to appreciate your innate greatness.

I coach compassionately and with tremendous empathy – knowing that each of us is fundamentally human - we all stumble, we all have dreams, and we all have the potential to realize them. 

If this all sounds kind of cool to you, then maybe you'll let me be your coach for a while. Last week, I sent out an invitation; asking if you’d like to help me as I help you. (Every time I say this line, I think of Cuba Gooding Jr. in the locker room in Jerry Maguire, parroting Tom Cruise saying “Help me, help you! Help me, help you!” Makes me laugh every time.)

I shared with you that I'm pursuing the next level of certification as a Professional Certified Coach. I've signed up 2 clients so far, but I need 8 more. I'm offering a fantastic deal of $900 (just $300/month) for anyone who enrolls by April 1st for my 12-week Coaching Program. That’s 4 one-hour sessions for $75 each. My fee is normally $1500 for the 3 months. (Maybe you have a professional development budget at work you can tap into.)

Plus, I’ve decided to sweeten the deal. If you've received this email or it has been forwarded to you by a friend AND you respond by April 1st, I'll give you a bonus session! So that's 13 sessions for $900 - an unprecedented value for the quality of coaching you will receive from me. (Psst. Mention the secret password: Marnee'sBHAG)

Your goals for satisfaction, achievement, joy and well-being can be achieved.

And maybe you can help me achieve some of mine.

Thanks for the consideration. Marnee

“Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” International Coach Federation definition of Coaching

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