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empower their people with mindfulness, compassion,

empathy, and shame resilience

through training and

coaching programs.

Courageous Cultures


Organizations that invest in the individual humanity of the team, thrive. 

"The pursuit of success in today's world can derail anyone's best intentions. We go to work each day, hoping to give our best, achieve our goals, and make a positive difference. But along the way, obstacles arise and change happens. How we respond makes all the difference."

- Marnee Weber

Whether you are seeking a transformation or infusion of inspiration -- for yourself, an employee, or your culture -- I’ve designed the corporate services at

Metta Lane to help.

Experiential Workshops | Executive Coaching

Private Organizational Training | Keynote Speaking

The depth and breadth of content in the Metta Lane program catalog is extensive.

Schedule a free consultation to discuss the needs of your organization and how I can customize a package to achieve your program goals.

“Our Leadership Academy gives executives professional tools so they can run their organizations better and be more effective leaders. Self-awareness and self-care are critical parts of learning to be a better leader and Marnee’s mindfulness training has been a key element of our program. The lessons in how to breathe, listen, and self-regulate for the purpose of focus and relaxation were so valuable.  I hope that many of our class members will continue on with Marnee and use these tools in their everyday life to improve their physical and mental health. She gave us a fabulous afternoon during one of our program days – it was such a gift! After the day, participants said over and over how much they enjoyed the exercises. We agreed to try a new practice at the start of each day.

It was a pleasure to see her in action!"

- Cassidy Campana, Program Manager for ASU Lodestar Center's American Express Leadership Academy |  testimonials >

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