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"Did you see the moon in the sky? 'Yes,' I said. With a tear of knowingness in her eye, she said: That's why we are all here, to see the moon." - Adyashanti from My Secret is Silence, Copyright 2003 

This speaks to my heart. It is truth that brings tears to my eyes with its beauty. I am currently studying with Adyashanti as a participant in his three-month online retreat: A Revolution of Being: Embracing the Challenge of Awakened Living. It's been incredible and I am only in week #3. I love being a student of enlightenment. Its a journey of surrendering. "[The whole of spirituality boils down to letting go of the illusion of the separate self, letting go of the way we think the world is and the way we think it should be.]" Emptiness Dancing, by Adyashanti

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