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Therapeutic Haiku I

Finding Peace

I can’t fall asleep.

In a funk; melancholic.

Tired and depressed.

Waking next morning,

Another day, too tired

to give it my all.

Sleep is everything.

As if I don’t know. Too bad

my mind can’t relax.

I’m dissatisfied.

My days uninspiring.

Too many dull tasks.

Too many pressures.

Big responsibilities.

Not enough delight.

Some days this is life.

How do I find acceptance?

How do I let go?

I know what to do.

I must step onto my path.

Remember the way.

Meet the pain with love.

Allow the feelings to be.

Stop resisting them.

Metta is the way.

Be kind to myself and breathe.

Letting go brings peace.

Breathing in, I ache.

Then allow the pain to be.

Breathing out, I frown.

Breathing in, I yearn.

Then soothe the longing for more.

Breathing out, I smile.

- by Marnee Weber

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