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ASU Lodestar Center's American Express Leadership Academy - Sponsor, Mindfulness Workshop

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

“Our Leadership Academy gives executives professional tools so they can run their organizations better and be more effective leaders. Self-awareness and self-care are critical parts of learning to be a better leader and Marnee’s mindfulness training has been a key element of our program. The lessons in how to breathe, listen, and self-regulate for the purpose of focus and relaxation were so valuable. I hope that many of our class members will continue on with Marnee and use these tools in their everyday life to improve their physical and mental health. She gave us a fabulous afternoon during one of our program days – it was such a gift! After the day, participants said over and over how much they enjoyed the exercises. We agreed to try a new practice at the start of each day. It was a pleasure to see her in action!”

- Cassidy Campana, Program Manager for ASU Lodestar Center's American Express Leadership Academy | testimonials >

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