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David Crosby, Entrepreneur, Consultant - Long-time Friend

“Marnee Weber is one of those people who is doing exactly what she should be doing. Marnee's success is a surprise to no one who knows her. Her natural abilities pair with a level of skill not easily defined in a world of one sentence descriptions. Marnee's level of natural empathy and her pragmatic vision for solutions work together in a way to achieve the kind of client-centric success that is unmatched, at least in my experience. I have watched her time and again think about things, people, and business in ways that most people don't. It's that type of thinking and her uncanny ability to superimpose her mind's eye vision of success over the challenges of her clients that makes Marnee a one of a kind. Get to know Marnee Weber, I highly recommend her to anyone who needs someone with the unique ability to lead with her heart, and have the strength and knowledge to apply what she discovers in a way that is more effective and sustaining with it.”

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