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Updated: Mar 3, 2020

For years, I’ve imagined creating and leading a business that could have a big impact on people’s lives. What I really wanted was to create some sort of school; I wanted to teach! I’ve made multiple attempts at building a wholehearted, thriving business that would bring my dream to fruition.

Along the way, in my personal journey, I found the truly transformational programs that my company now represents; falling in love with them and investing all I had in training, mentoring and development.

One of the many pivotal moments on this journey happened about a year ago in the summer of 2017.

I was alone in the middle of the day, driving my car down the 101 freeway from Scottsdale to an appointment in Tempe. I was feeling introspective and was contemplating my life’s journey. I was also in the furthest left lane and realized my car needed gas. So I merged across 5 lanes of traffic into the exit lane. As I merged from one lane to another, I was transfixed by this story that briefly, yet powerfully arose within me. In 2001, I had left my successful, corporate career in Silicon Valley and decided to devote my life to helping people in a more personal, profound way. I was also driven to be an entrepreneur, like my mother and grandfather before me. Each year I made one choice after another that led me closer to my vision for a wholehearted, authentic business. Each choice was a new lane that I merged into (from being as far away as I could be, to getting closer and closer with endeavors that were aligned with my true nature and calling), yet in and of itself each choice wasn’t quite right. At the moment my car merged into the exit lane, I had a moment of insight. I was now in the “right lane” - the right lane for my life! An overwhelming feeling of joy burst from my belly to my heart to my voice. I laughed and shouted with glee! I knew somehow I had to use this idea of being in the right lane as a metaphor for the new business I was creating. And that’s how that word “lane” landed in Metta Lane Mindfulness Academy.

In my next post, I'll share with you why the Pali word for the term loving-kindness is the guiding principle and name for my Mindfulness Academy.

Thanks for following along. With love, Marnee

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