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Alyson Lyon, Executive Coach & Consultant - Client, Caregiver Coaching

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

“Marnee Weber restored my soul to a hopeful state following 10 years of emotional exhaustion due to the caregiving arrangements with my live-in mother-in-law. She was able to provide insights and make connections that made sense out of my “hard to describe” state of mind and spirit. As I engaged with her I often had tears in my eyes realizing how God has been using her to heal me on a level that’s been broken for many years of my life. I am recovering at a steady pace and I continue to be blessed by her gifts and professionalism. With our aging population living longer, we are dealing with an epidemic of “caregiver fatigue”. I want to make sure others have the same opportunity following their difficult caregiving situations. As a fellow coach, I am very proud of what she is up to - it is a very well-needed and powerful application of coaching. As a client I am truly blessed by her.”

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