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Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Today, I am preparing for multiple major events:

- a seminar on Mindful Self-Compassion to a MOPS Moms group, - a Thanksgiving Day with a new group of friends centered around our young children, and - a long-awaited visit from my parents who are coming to see their beloved grand-daughter.

Like many of you, I'm juggling more than makes any sense for one human being to do in 1 week. Somehow we get through - but when work and family, combines with the holidays - whew, the stress can go through the roof!

This year, I'm endeavoring to do only one thing really well:

Be present with each moment.

I know that when I am present to the  moment: - I see all of my blessings clearly, - I feel my heart beating and my lungs breathing, and - I can focus moment by moment on my experience.

Is this easy? No way! But is it worth it? Yes. Is it essential to my peace of mind and the joy of others around me? Yes!

To support this endeavor: Tonight, I will be leading my meditation class in the traditional Lovingkindness practice with a focus on being self-compassionate.  These are the phrases we will be using:

For ourselves: "May I be safe" "May I be peaceful" "May I be kind to myself" "May I accept my life as it is."

For our loved ones and the world around us: "May we all be safe." "May we all be peaceful." "May we be kind to each other." " May we accept each other as we are."

I hope you can join me. If not, finding a place to focus on the way your breath moves in and out of your lungs, while practice these phrases on your own - even if it's while you're washing the dishes, setting up the holiday lights, or re-arranging the furniture - can help you be present with the moment too.

I'll leave you with these words and this amazing video by Louie Schwartzberg, that I love being inspired by:

"So, I wish you to open your heart to all [your] blessings and let them flow through you. That everyone whom you will meet on the street will be blessed by you; just by your eyes, by your smile, by your touch, just by your presence. Let the gratefulness overflow into blessing all around. Then it will really be a good day."

If you wish to stay informed with my up-to-date class times and locations, please sign-up here:

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Wishing you a gratitude-filled, joyful week.

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