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Paul - Client, Career Coaching

“Marnee did such wonderful work with me by listening and responding to my thoughts, feelings and questions. She used her incredible gift of guiding me through the inquiry process by enabling me to reach my own conclusions. This was so powerful, because I owned the answers to the challenges that I was facing.

Marnee guided me out of the rut of perceiving my circumstances as black and white, and helped me see the many possibilities that existed. She enabled me to expand my view of the world and my role in it. With her coaching, she lifted the great weight of fogginess from my mind and soul, thus, I became able to seek the best way to move toward my desired outcomes.

Working with Marnee was an incredible experience as her coaching skills allowed me to really think and ask the difficult questions that I needed to address, which I was unable to do prior to working with her. Her insights provided many eye-opening ‘aha’ moments as she was able to see the various blocks I had in becoming clear with my life intentions.

She used her outstanding capabilities to listen, connect with me, and gently push me beyond my self-imposed boundaries. She showed her incredible compassion for people in her work with me, but at the same time, did not let those feelings of care and concern cloud her thought-process in her communication and teaching.

Beyond any shadow of a doubt, I would strongly encourage other people to work with Marnee. She is exceptionally gifted at reaching out and connecting with people, and guiding them through a powerful coaching process that can be life changing.”

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